Power fundamentally has remained the same for the last century with similar supply characteristics. However what has changed is the type of load and power consumption. The last three  decades, with the insurgence of the the Data explosion has resulted in a radical change in thinking of how power is configured. 

Ian Wright Associates have a proven track record working with most major corporate’s and specialise in working in live environments with critical plant and material, our engineers have been involved with many complex power and cooling systems throughout the UK and overseas.


I would like to confirm that Reuters were delighted with the work carried out by Ian Wright and his team on the £20m project at our Docklands Data Centre in London, in terms of design, management and execution. There is little doubt we ended up with an extremely high-quality result, but more importantly the upgrade was conducted in an operational Data Centre supporting Reuters’ global business without a single second of unexpected downtime. A first-class achievement.

On completion of yet another successfully engineered project to our mission critical infrastructures, I would take time out to prepare this reference for Mr. Ian Wright. Over the past twenty years Ian and his team have demonstrated their proven track record and professionalism in delivering key infrastructure design and quality build out standards for resilient reliable systems supporting Data Centres, Trading environments and other M&E Systems.

I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Ian and his team to others seeking a reliable informed and capable organisation
in this field.

I have known Ian Wright for more than 25 years and worked with him on many projects, including several data centre builds.

I can heartily recommend ian for his knowledge of evolving data centre design, commitment to delivery and his collaborative nature in all such endeavours.

During the length of our association it has been a particular pleasure to see ian bring his innovative skills to bear on some problematic design solutions.

These have included the deployment of purpose-built off-site construction pods, reducing delivery and time to service periods substantially.

He was also intimately involved in a Data Centre build project within an occupied building housing nearly 2000 Fixed Income Traders. This project required the highest level of coordination of any project I have ever managed.

It is a tribute to Ian and his team that we never lost a minute’s dealing activity during the project. Ian has yet again shown his foresight in developing a product which is both unique and yet bespoke to a particular requirement.

It is this level of attention to detail, unstinting commitment to quality and continuous search for the next paradigm which gives me the comfort and desire to continue my established relationship with Ian and his company.
I would certainly recommend the service to others.